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Jul. 15th, 2005 @ 10:43 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: aggravatedaggravated
Current Music: Papa Roach- Take Me
worked sucked total asshole tonight!
i didnt even start prep til 9 and i fucking got out of there at like 1045...after crouching into a ball leaned up against the wall on the store room floor bawling my eyes out b/c i was fed up with everything and i had the cramps from hell..then 2 suburbans full of mexicans pulled up ..and all wanted fucking pastrami..eww i almost gagged! 16 footlong pastrami's at 9:56 pm..wat the hell! this has been by far a terrible fucking day and i have never been happier to be at home alone...withot anyone..b/c just about everyone would get on my nerves right now..i`m getting ice..i`m getting water..and i`m getting the hell to bed! i cannot sit up and think about stupid shit ne more or think about the massive amount of pain that i am recieving due to the fact that i am a girl! i hate it i hate it! i`m off this computer to enjoy a night alone to myself and then enjoy a day off tomorrow..mom, we are definetely getting our toes done..cuz mine are grungy! mmk well hope you all had fabolous night you l=fuckers that got to party your friday night away! whatever..atleast i wasnt out creating more drama for myself letting it all build up until it finally gets to the wrong people! yuuup! cant wait to start fucking college so that i can stop working so damn much and hang out with people that i like and play two of my favorite sports! yuuup! mk off to bed...7 days...one week..till tiffani is here..yep excited about that !normally i would be doing flips and bounching off the walls b/c i`m soo excited !but toniight...i just doint have the energy for that! goodnight! and for those of us sleeping alone tonight yet again...dont worry...some day we'll all find that happiness!
i miss you mom! promise me we will hang out tomorrow? i loooovvvveeee you...and yah i`ll clean my room tomorrow!
i miss you too sweetheart..ur probably getting your pimp on right now i`m prolly gettin to bed before you! ahaha
what a fucking night! anxiety is taking over!
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Date:July 16th, 2005 02:34 pm (UTC)
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im sorry to read your nite was so bad, i wish i could have been there for u like i should have been instead i was savin my friends ass from gettin busted and had to go break up a bad party while watchin a dickhead grab my best friend and scream in her face so i went after him send all the sober ppl home with drunk ppl to be safe, go back to wehre i was origionalyl visitin old friends, with one of our frinds that it ook from this place..get her settled before thegirls mom caught us...yep it was great...if thats gettin my pimp on on a friday nite then im damn good at it..first tiem seein my really good friends amanda n christene in like...5 months easy...and this is what happends so it wa slike 1 am an di just crahsed there long story short...ims rory abour ur nite.love