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Jul. 10th, 2005 @ 08:50 pm my day, my night, my thoughts!
Current Mood: soresore
Current Music: ur mom
thought number one...
whoever invented pizza should seriously be given a million dollars right this second because i just bit into the most amazing piece of pizza ever! ahhhh
thought number two...
basketball sure is a fun sport...its a friendly game where girls can work together and play a nice game of shoot the ball in the basket...til this fucking hoe bag named danae come up in the gym thinking she`s all hot shit... i dont think i`ve evr seen that girl pass before in my life..walk ur ass back to william jessup bitch you are soo not wanted! you and ur like lame as drive to th ehole just aint workin for your ass! damn bitches aint shit~ lmao mel...god i had fun tonight...me and mel bonded which wa s arare ocassion bc im new on the team and stuff and i dont know too many people..but she woarmed up with me and she was on my team the whole day and we worked well together! we got good court connection! yuppizle! dang! then she straight up text messaged me and was like "haha you did good tonight girrrrll" like with 4 r and 2 ls or some shit! i was like..mmm! cool! so i dunno its cool that i finally have a friend! and no... i`m not a pimp T it wont be more! mmmmkay
thought number three
nop matter how hard people try they always get caught up! always always always! and i am the queen of figurin shit out! sooo umm...dont try and run ur game on me! cuz im def not havin none of that! like tonight i was supposed to go hang out with jess and i called her and she`s all "i`m hanging with my family right now " bladdy blah ha and so i text messaged megan..her g/f...she`s all "yeh she`s at my house taking a fucking shower and some shit and were going out" i`m all...bitch pleassssseeee u done got caught up! damn...so nope i def. wasnt born yesterday..and stuff dont get past me...nothing...and no matter whut is said or how you try and hide it.. i will find out! MMM KAAA
thought number 4
my back itches
thought number 5
i am really excited because there are only 12 more days until tiffani is here..thank god so finally can stop talking everyones ear off about it! damn! wayyy excited! SD's gonnab e like ten kinds of fun! crap
thought number 6
i hate the fact that there is no hot water! damnit ruining my night, lol
thought numer 7
i think that its way cool that both of my coaches are lesbians...lol... even though my 50 year old basketball coach wants my very good looking tennis coach, lol.. i still think its cool as hell! maybe they will relate a little better! yuuuup
thought number 8
i didnt spell thought number 7 right
thought number 9
im in serious lovveeeeee! ;) lol
thought number 10
i dislike mountain bikes...kayak's and tanning booths...they took my mama away! :(
thought number 11...last final thought
there is nothing worse than stilllllllll smelling like subway even after showering and sweating for 3 hours! god!

<3 much love!

mm i appologize for the ghetto ass way that i just explained myself...i promise it`ll never happen again
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Date:July 13th, 2005 03:42 pm (UTC)
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