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Jul. 5th, 2005 @ 05:18 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: hothot
Current Music: heart- crazy on you
i am not:lynn sanford...so whoever you are stop calling and leaving me messages... i do not specialize in hot tubs
i hurt:after basketball
i love:emo music

i hate:lettuce and cheesecake...uuhhhhghhgh
i hope:that president bush gets assasinated
i hear:tiffani breathing on the phone
i crave:something x rated...lol
i regret:nothing at the moments
i cry:when i watch the notebook or think about animal cruelty
i care:about you with every bit of my heart
i always: say "yah right"
i long to: live in a house on the beach with the person i love
i feel alone:when i am alone....
i listen:to everything but stupid rap from the ghettos of Baltimore, MD
i hide: under my comforter when i hear stuff outside my door

i drive:a sunfire...hmm ya must be nice to drive a mustang..yah
i sing:all the time...especially when i drive
i dance: in sqaures..sometimes circles...but i get down YO!
i write:right handed
i breathe: b/c i heard its what you have to do if you wanna live
i play:solitare on my computer when i wait for people to get online
i miss:san diego
i search:google for random people
i learn: far too much from my mom sometimes
i feel:hot...umm..is that hot?
i know:how to kick ur ass if you get on a damn mountain bike and ride with my mother! dont try me to see if i`m kidding.
i succeed:when i feel like it!
i fail:b/c i get so wraped up in things sometimes
i dream:of living in california...close enough to the beach to walk ...hand in hand with the love of my life...just in time to watch the sunset (stolen from tiffani)
i sleep:naked sometimes
i wonder:if i had upper arm flabs could i flap them and fly away?
i want:tiffani
i worry:about the future of america and its citizens under the rule of republicans
i have:everything i`ve wanted thus far
i give:....ohh u know
i fight: people who think they are ghetto
i wait:and wait and wait...and i`ll wait forever if thats how long i have to
i need:a new paint job car
i am: a girl...ohh wait..lemme check..yep..wait..yah i`m a girl
i think:too much
i can't help the fact that:i am crazy about you
i stay:the nights in hotels when i am on vacation..lol..couldnt think of ne thing else
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Date:July 6th, 2005 12:57 am (UTC)
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ive been praticing my mountian biking skills :) so i can be ready to ride hahahaha ---i gotta matching outfit to